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Pro DoMo test flat

Who doesn’t dream of ageing in his own house or familiar surroundings? The project ‘Ageing in place’ (AIPA) in Aalst focuses on lifelong living. AIPA wants to let the elderly live longer in their own houses without losing sight of qualitative living circumstances.

Innovative techniques, processes and design meet in this fully renovated house. A lot of attention has been paid to (wheelchair) accessibility during the design process of the flat. A partner in this project, Haelvoet offered its comprehensive knowledge in the fields of comfort and living longer at home. We took care of the furniture pieces in the sitting area and kitchen.

Our design label HIDDEN was the perfect match for the bedroom. Our beautiful HILO boxspring bed with its invisible high-low mechanism creates a homely atmosphere without any association with care or ageing.
Contrary to other show flats, this one offers you the possibility to live there temporarily and experience how little adjustments enable you to live at home for the rest of your life.

Pro Domo openig

Mooie reportage over de opening van de Pro Domo testwoning op het VRT journaal (met een glansrol voor de Haelvoet meubelen!).

Geplaatst door Haelvoet NV op dinsdag 1 december 2015

For those who consider a new flat instead of a renovation: Matexi has designed a virtual flat in which all innovations and furniture have been integrated.

Pro Domo flat

Pro Domo nieuwbouw flat met Haelvoet en HIDDEN meubilair (met dank aan Matexi)

Geplaatst door Haelvoet NV op dinsdag 1 december 2015

Architect: AIPA (Matexi, Boone, Buro II & Archi+i, Haelvoet,...)

Scope of the project : Sitting area, kitchen and bed room