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The DuoSafe sideguards are available on the following Haelvoet hospital beds
- Aron+
- Olympia Hospital (only with castors 150 mm)

Construction and usability

De DuoSafe panels are made of high-quality synthetic material. They have been mounted on steel swivel arms that guarantee an optimal strength.
The DuoSafe sideguards can be lifted very fluently and easily. The ergonomic grip to activate the mechanism has been hidden in the design of the panels. Thanks to this, no parts stick out of the sideguards.
The movement downwards is slowed down, which increases the patient’s comfort and avoids any disturbing noises while resting.

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Built-in keypads (option)

By means of the integrated keypads both the patient and the nursing staff can activate the bed functions.

Keypad – nursing

Situated on the outside of the DuoSafe sideguards, the nurse control panel is more tactile than ever before. It is equipped with all functions to put the patient in the desired seating, lying or reading position. Additional functions make it possible for the nursing staff to lock the bed functions and to check the bed position and battery status in the blink of an eye.

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Keypad – patient

The patient panel with integrated background lighting makes it possible to activate the bed functions by means of a touch panel that is within easy reach. The position of the patient buttons makes it possible to activate the bed functions while lying, sitting or getting up.

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Safe bed position

The keypads of the DuoSafe sideguards (option) are equipped with an indicator that immediately shows you whether the bed is in a safe position or not.

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Unique points

The DuoSafe sideguards have many advantages in terms of security, mobilization and maintaining the autonomy of the residents. Read here on which areas the DuoSafe sideguards stand out.

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