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Twin sideguards

The Twin sideguards have many advantages in terms of fall prevention, mobility and maintaining the autonomy of the residents.

The Twin sideguards are available on all electrical Haelvoet beds (Terra Care & Hospital / Lago Care & Hospital / Olympia Care & Hospital / Velino/ Artena Care & Hospital). Exception: Aron+ and Siena range.


When choosing a Twin sideguard, you have to make 2 choices:
1) Choice top bar:
- Aluminium top bar covered with melamine in wood structure
- Aluminum top bar

2) Choice panel:
- Upholstered panel
- Melaminated panel
- Alu frame with HPL panel (for hospital environments)


1) Upwards:
• You simply have to raise the top bar. Place both hands symmetrically to the middle of the top bar.

2) Downwards:
• Place one hand in the center of the top bar
• With the other hand, you have to bring the buttons together. Then lower the sideguards to the desired height.

The positions of the hands are important because a telescopic system (like the Twin sideguards) should slide up and down as symmetrically as possible. If, for example, attempts are made to pull the sideguards top bar upwards with one hand, friction will develop in the telescopic system and the sideguards will be pulled away or will slide very difficult.

Watch here how to use the Twin sideguards:

The panel of the Twin sideguards can also glide upwards without extending the sideguards.
This position entails a double ergonomic advantage:
- The brake is easily accessible when the bed is in the lowest position (see video).
- When the bed is in a higher position, it is possible for the nursing staff to place the legs and knees deeper under the bed, which is ergonomically important for manipulation and patient care.

Please note: in order to lower the sideguards, they must first be pulled fully upwards.

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