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04-06-14 Products

Antibacterial HPL

The risk of infections and diseases resulting from contagion is considerable in public health environments. On average, 1 in 18 patients contracts a MRSA infection in European hospitals (*). Haelvoet has taken up the challenge to reduce this number substantially.

That is why Haelvoet has been cooperating with Polyrey, a manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate, since 2013. Polyrey’s laminate gets a standard silver-ion and antibacterial Sanitized® treatment. This treatment does not decrease in time, neither does it affect technical and aesthetic qualities. The silver ions neutralize bacteria and prevent cell division, thus reducing the risk of contagion and fungous diseases considerably. This treatment exceeds legal requirements and reconfirms our permanent engagement to contribute to a healthy and safe environment for all of us.

Sanitized AG is a Swiss company, and has been a partner of Polyrey since 2006. It is a market leader in the field of antimicrobial material production and can take pride in more than 50 years of experience when it comes to silver ion-based solutions. More information can be found on www.sanitized.com

(*) European research conducted in 2011-2012 by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).